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Roya Ray
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CSPI Certificate


About Me.

Hi, I'm Roya Riahi and I'm passionate about staging and design with different degree and certificate. I work hard to create spaces that are appealing to potential home buyers. I have many years of experience in the field working in both Europe and North America. In addition to home staging and design, I have staged & design Homes, Closets, Offices, retail showrooms for rugs, Furniture’s Store and Clothing Stores. I'm skillful at creating designs that make the best features of a space stand out, I've had the privilege to work with some amazing people from business owners, general contractors, designers and real estate agents and I've always been applauded on the result of my projects since 1990.

Special Services

Special Seasonal Service:

Do you want to make a new look in your closet? Make an appointment for special seasonal closet staging.

occupied and vacant home staging

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Make an appointment for occupied and vacant home staging. We customize your home with a very appealing look.


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