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Inspire Staging Los Angeles is helping real estate agents make beautiful model homes for sale. Our interior designers and stage experts make each property “turn-key”, or “move-in ready” right away with the right look.

In today’s competitive market in Los Angeles, your home needs stand out quickly. A buyer’s positive perception of your house is crucial and can happen once they open the door. The right staging can make that key difference.

The staging process includes 3 steps: Consultation, On-site activities and Presentation. Our home staging experts will help you create spaces appealing to home buyers. Sell your property more swiftly and for more money.

We offer a 20% discount on staging design and On-site activities for all returning clients. Please call us for our latest seasonal offer such as Christmas staging and holidays.


Preparation Consulting: $250 +
A Preparation consultation takes 1-2 hours depending on the square footage of the property. Additional charges may apply for larger homes and the number of possessions accumulated. If you continue using our services for The Work and Showcasing, the consultation fee may be credited towards additional service costs.

Preparation Consulting with Written Report: $350+
It is specifically tailored to your property and your areas of need. A report is filled out and is given to the client as a to-do list and will be e-mailed to you and your realtor within 48 hours.

Closet Staging Price: We orgnize your cloths, shoes and other things just for yourself. This service inludes clean up, sorting items to Keep/Store and Donate.
$150 for first 2 hours.
$50 for each extra hour.

Is it Staging Cost Too Much?
Staging as an investment has always the best role in selling your equity. We can help you to earn more money before your first reduction price.

Owner Occupied Properties
$80/ hr – Roya
$50/ hr – Best guy
$30/ hr – Assistant
Dependent on what needs to be done to property, plus rental furniture and Area Rugs cost, photography, shopping time, etc.
Payment upfront.

Vacant Properties
1-2% of the total sell price, but not less than the original listed price. Depending on what needs to be done, the average cost is 1.5%, with a 30% upfront before any work begins.

Check with your CPA, staging may be considered marketing and a tax write-off, this is also includes all your costs.